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Our Volunteers


Polly Schrader loves to come to our adoption events and love on our dogs!


Ruth and John McCormack have joined our rescue volunteers. They recently moved to St Louis from Philadelphia and have always loved working with dogs.

Carol Simino is a new foster home for our group. She was a foster failure on her first foster dog, Heidi, above! You can see why.

Lore Wenz is a new foster home for our group and she really loves doxies!


Here is Cindie Luhman with her foster McInley.

The dogs love our teen volunteers!

Joyce Sabine has fostered lots of our babies and loves them all!


Ashley Bailey is a foster home who seriously loves poodles!

Abby and her Mom, Sheryl Mitchell, are great volunteers and love to foster dogs for us!

Carla Patterson has these two dogs of her own but she also fosters for our rescue!

Sharon VanWinkle is a foster home for our group. She is a fantastic volunteer!

Tracy Lynch has been a part of our organization for several years. She is our shih tzu expert and takes great care of them as well as puppies that may come into our rescue.

Kristen Parker is one of long term helpers at Petco. She has been with us for years and we all value her as a volunteer and a person.


Here is June Pease holding Sparky, one of our foster dogs.


Maddie Lafferty is a SD4D volunteer and foster home. She is at Petco with us on Saturdays to help with the dogs and the potential adopters.

Barbara Slepecky is a one of our great volunteer and she loves all the dogs.

"The girls from Kirkwood High School" come out and help us with the dogs when we are at Petco and we appreciate it!

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